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Grow your business naturally

When we design your website, we take your search engine rankings into account. It’s our aim to help you improve your rankings to the point where visitors find you, click your link and buy from you.

Improved visibility and better rankings in search results will help your business to grow and deliver better results.

How will your customers find you?

Ashkan is an experienced and accomplished SEO consultant and our number one project manager! Ashkan has set up a number of NetSuite e-commerce businesses and blogs, for which he successfully generated large visitor numbers using SEO, online marketing and content analysis – he can do this for your e-commerce site too!

What we consider when we develop your website

  • Making the visible text on your page “search-friendly”. This is crucial to ranking favourably and is all about using targeted keywords in headings, page content and links.
  • Making the non-visible text on your pages “search-friendly”. Image alt text, image names, title attribute of links and meta tags are amongst the most important non-visible elements. When setting up your products and pages in Netsuite is important that all SEO fields are populated correctly.
  • Quality of the HTML. Clean and well-written HTML code that adheres to W3C standards ( is preferred by search engines. We can develop HTML templates for your NetSuite integrators. Working within the Netsuite template framework there are certain coding good practices to consider to ensure search engine friendly HTML.
  • Layout and navigation. This must be logical and easy to follow, which is good both for visitors and search engines. It is vital that there are no broken links or duplicate content.
  • Sitemap: An XML sitemap doesn’t have to be visible to visitors, but is there to tell Google what pages to include in their index and in which order.

Your newly designed website will also feature on our website and blogs, including links to your site. We don’t stop there – we are also happy to provide SEO guidelines and strategic advice.

After your website goes live, the main job of SEO and search engine marketing starts. We provide various packages for high quality targeted link building, content publication and social media promotion. Our aim is to increase targeted traffic and conversion rate, which results in more buyers. Please contact us for more information.

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