Netsuite Add-ons

No more limits with your Netsuite website!

The great thing about NetSuite is that they never stop innovating – and neither do we. Each add-on offers your ecommerce website key advantages in terms of conversion and usability, as well as a rich user experience for prospective customers.

Here are 12 of our favourite add-ons and how they could help position your store above the competition. All of these add-ons are designed and developed by Netgrade to meet your needs for a modern and impactful online store.

1. Dynamic drop down menus with image thumbnail

This feature makes it so easy for your visitors to view items within your store, simply by hovering over certain menus. It saves them having to click through lots of pages to find what they are looking for. Better still, you can easily update your dynamic menu yourself.

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2. Multiple “add to cart” with one click

Again, this feature is designed with usability in mind. Your customers can add any amount of items on one page – and any quantity of those items – with just one click. Your items simply feature a small box under their image where customers choose how many they want of each. Then they simply click once to add all of their items to their cart.

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3. Product reviews

Search engines love content. Better still, they love regularly updated content. Allowing your customers to leave product reviews is an excellent - and automatic – way to optimise your site for search engines. Not only that, customers like to know what other customers think – so this is a great way to ease any anxiety about buying your products. The result? Higher conversions and ongoing SEO.

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4. Customer wishlist

Wishlists are great for two reasons. Firstly, it means customers can browse your site and add things to their wishlist, which they can then buy later or send to a friend as a hint, e.g. “here’s what I’d like for my birthday!” Secondly, they are great for capturing data. Customers need to register or sign in to use this feature, meaning you have the opportunity to market to them at a later date.

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5. Multi image with zoom

Buying items off the Internet can sometimes be fraught with anxiety – what does it actually look like up close? What about from the back? This multi image with zoom feature removes this anxiety by allowing your customers to view items from any angle you’ve uploaded and also to zoom in to see patterns and colours up close.

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6. Scrolling featured products

What a great way to up-sell your customers to buy more items. When your prospective customers are looking at one item, NetSuite will show other products in a non-intrusive way by simply showing smaller images with the heading such as: “You might also like:”

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7. Recently viewed Items

Online shoppers don’t like to spend lots of time clicking back and forth on your site. With the ‘recently viewed items’ feature, they don’t have to. They can click directly on the last few items they’ve looked at, so if they change their mind and want to take another look they simply click directly on the item they viewed. This is a brilliantly simple way to make it easy for customers to browse your site – and buy!

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8. Wordpress blog set up

A blog allows you to communicate regularly with your customers – tell them what’s new, interesting information about your products and news about your company. Not only that, blogs are fantastic for SEO. Firstly, each blog you post is fresh new copy, which search engines love. Secondly, you can add meta tags to each blog to help search engines find your site. Wordpress is arguably the world’s best blog platform – and we can even host your blog on our site.

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9. Streaming video

What a great way to interact with your customers. Streaming video helps you connect with your customer in a way that words on a page can’t. Your site comes alive and visitors get the messages you want them to hear as soon as they land on the page.

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10. Tabbed item details

Gone are the days when you have to cram lots of information on one page. With NetSuite, each area of your site can feature its own standalone menu, underneath the main header. This helps your customers easily find the information they want, without having to scroll. Genius.

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11. Picture gallery

The Internet allows people to get a glimpse into your business – it’s also very visual. NetSuite ecommerce websites give you the opportunity to really showcase your products or services in the best possible light. The picture gallery add-on is funky, modern and intuitive – it’s just like a virtual showroom.

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12. Grid ‘add to cart’

Do you offer a range of options for each item? NetSuite has developed a very clever way of showing these options in a simple grid-like table. The main image shows off the item, while the grid shows, at a glance, all of the different options – and their corresponding prices. Customers simply choose how many they want of each option and click once to ‘add to cart’.

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