What to look for when choosing a NetSuite consultant

So you’ve joined the ranks of thousands of businesses worldwide and decided on a NetSuite ecommerce website. You’ve made the right decision! NetSuite is the only website software that supports your entire company – from accounting right through to managing customer relationships.

This means NetSuite ecommerce websites are perfect for small to medium businesses that really want to make an impact and drive the maximum volume of sales.

Now for your next most important question: Who should develop, design and launch your NetSuite website?

There are many NetSuite consultants throughout the UK. Here’s a checklist to use in order to make sure you choose the right one for you.

Proof. Can your NetSuite consultant show you (lots of) previous NetSuite ecommerce sites that they’ve successfully implemented? Do they have a ream of great testimonials and case studies? Make sure you give your NetSuite consultant’s recent work a thorough going over – test the site, contact the site owners for a reference and ask lots of questions.

Process. Boring? Not to us. Your NetSuite consultant needs to be focused on getting the process of developing your site – and launching it – exactly right. If they don’t, it’s your loss – literally. Business processes, done in the correct order to an agreed time schedule, ensure your site is launched on time and exceeds your expectations.

Personality. Design shouldn’t JUST look great; it needs to reflect your business. Make sure your NetSuite consultant is particular about getting a detailed brief from you. This should include competitor information, sites you like and why, sites you don’t like and why, information about your brand, and details about your target audience. Prospective customers should arrive at your site and think: “Yes – I am in the right place!”

Push. It’s not enough to simply have a website out there – if only! You need to tell your customers – and prospects about it. The best NetSuite consultants can help you push your website’s presence by advising you on search engine optimisation, pay-per-click consulting, emails, content and more.

Peace. Yes, last but not least, peace. Launching your website should be a fantastic, exciting experience. You shouldn’t spend hours agonizing over details – that’s your NetSuite consultant’s job! An excellent NetSuite consultant will ensure your website’s design, development and launch all happen seamlessly with the minimal amount of effort required from you. After all, you are the customer!

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